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          -Leader Ship-

Leadership, Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., Ltd.
     Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., Ltd was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 1997. (Stock name in short: Bao New Energy; Stock code: 000690) Subsidiaries of Baolihua include Guangdong Baolihua Electric Power Co., Ltd, Lufeng Baolihua New Energy Electric Power Co., Ltd, Guandong Baolihua Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, and Meixian Baolihua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
     Since listed on the market, we’ve been executing the business policy of “Acquiring Large Scale in Major Bussiness and Making Profits in Stable Operation”, while sticking to the corporate culture of “Refined Strategy & Human Caring”. Based on requirements of the CSRC an Shenzhen Stock Exchange, we keep improving our vorporate management structure toward stable and standardized operation. We aim to enhance core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. Presently, we’re developing in a healthy way, enjoying rapid growth and high returns.
     Directedn by the national policies in developing cyclic economy and constructing an energy-saving and environmentally friendly community, we make the most of national industrial policies that encourage comprehensive resources utilization and renewable sources. We aim to develop power generation by means of clean coal buring and renewable sources. We strive to make an influential power company of new energy resources. We are promoting industrial management through capital management and continuously upgradingthe core competitiveness, providing efficient and clean energy for sustainable development of the country. In 2015, our installed capacity will reach 12.32 million KW; we will develop into a large-scale, collectivized, and listed power company, specializing in thermal power generation, wind power generation, water power generation, and other new and clean energy resources.
     Making a pioneer and influential power company of new energy resources, whist prviding efficient and clean energy for sustainable development of the country, is our expectation, as well as the motive power for stable and long-lasting development of Baolihua.